What types of women are found in online dating in NZ?

Online dating is now recognized in New Zealand as a valid platform where couples meet, some of these interactions lead to a long-term relationship sometimes even marriage. Unlike in previous years where online dating was seen as trash, people have changed their attitude and this can be seen by the fact that we have more and more women signing up with online dating sites each day. The following are the types of women you are likely for casual encounters in New Zealand in an online dating app.

Desperate mum

These are the women who have several kids, say 4 or 5 and have no man to stand by them and help them raise the kids. They seek to find a serious man who would be willing to accept her and her children and is ready for a serious lifetime commitment. These women are often humble and will tend to analyze and see if the man has enough resources to take care of her and her children.

Teasing and fun seekers

These are the beautiful ladies with the body shape of a model. They are well aware of their beauty and seek attention from it. More than often they will post pictures blowing kisses; expose their cleavage, takes sexy pictures while wearing a tight short mini-skirt. They will go to any height of being provocative just to capture the attention of the men for a hook up in NZ. These ladies then watch their inbox get full within seconds. But, they rarely reply to the texts and will never arrange a date with anyone.

A little more weight than enough

These are women who have put on little more weight than they should, they, therefore, do not have an attractive body shape but may have a pretty face. These type of women are quite common and are somewhat considered easy to get. Maybe due to the fact that most of them lack self-esteem.

Genuine good looking type

Most likely were in a relationship that didn’t work out well and ended up hurting them so much. These types of women are the best kind to date, they seek to try and meet new people using a different platform with the hope of finding their true love.

It is good to be aware of the kind of women you are likely to encounter on an online dating site. The above are the 4 major types of women that you are likely to find.