Cambridge Insight Meditation Center
Stone Basin

Practice should not be separated from living and living at all times should be one's practice.

–Master Sheng Yen

Standing Buddha

See all of this world as a star at dawn, a bubble in the stream, a flash of lightning in the summer cloud, a flickering lamp, a phantom and a dream.

–The Buddha


By becoming a member, you are making a commitment to Dharma practice and insuring that the center will remain a refuge for the Dharma in the midst of urban life. 

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Membership is an important source of ongoing financial support. All of CIMC's meditative programs are available to members and non-members alike; however members receive discounts on programs, borrowing privileges from the Dharma library and greater access to teachers for individual interviews. If insight meditation is of value to you, and you would like to support the Center's work, please consider becoming a member.

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Members receive discounts on programs, borrowing privileges from the Dharma library and greater access to teachers. Learn more >>

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The suggested annual pledge is $300. However, we recognize that $300 is not appropriate for everyone: for some it is too high, and for others too low. Therefore, we have included other options: one is to pledge $420 annually and another is to pledge a different amount that you feel is most appropriate for your income.

We provide financial aid in the form of work exchanges and scholarships to all who request it. If you have questions or concerns about payment, or if you would like financial aid, please contact the office.

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