Cambridge Insight Meditation Center
CIMC Second Floor

Do everything with a mind that lets go.

—Ajahn Chah

CIMC Meditation Altar

Sitting quietly, alone or together, listening, attending, questioning deeply without knowing.

—Toni Packer

About CIMC: Contacting CIMC

As always, you may leave communication for the office through a phone message, leaving a note on the bulletin board outside the office, or by email.

Cambridge Insight Meditation Center
331 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02139

Walk-In Office hours: Monday through Thursday 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Office phone: (617) 441-9038
Fax line: (617) 491-5070


Lynn Whittemore

Executive Director

Clare O'Donoghue

Administrative Director

Alia Hamada Forrest

Program & Volunteer Coordinator


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Parking is available in our small parking lot, which can be entered from Amory Street. One parking space is reserved for people with disabilities (see below for wheelchair accessibility).

If you have a Cambridge parking sticker, we ask that you park on a nearby street so that other visitors will be able to use the limited lot space. However, both residents and nonresidents of Cambridge may park on Broadway.

Other Parking Options:

Cambridge Library Parking Garage. The new Main Library has a 70-car underground parking garage with access from Broadway that is open when the library is open. It costs 25 cents for every 15 minutes of parking. The parking machines accept quarters and MasterCard or Visa. There is a 2 hour parking limit. About a 20 minute walk to the Center.

Central Square Green Street Garage at 260 Green Street corner of Pearl. Rates range from $1.50 hour with various rate breaks. 24/7. About a 15min walk to the Center.

Parking Garage at One Kendall Square. About a 15min walk to the Center.

Additionally, paid day-long parking is available at Alewife T station - take Red Line from Alewife to Central Square.

Wheelchair Accessibility

All floors are accessible to people who use wheelchairs. An indoor wheelchair lift at the side entrance of the building leads to the first floor and the lower level. An elevator is available for movement between the first, second, and third floors.

A wheelchair-accessible bathroom is available on the first floor of the building.

One parking space in the parking lot is reserved for people with disabilities.

If you plan to visit CIMC and need to use the lift please contact the office (see top of page for contact info) ahead of time, since the outer lift entrance is normally locked.

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