Advantages of engaging in flirting conversations before arranging a date

You just met someone online and liked their profile; it is not advisable that you two set a date the following day. You barely know the person and you two need time to get to learn each other, try and find common grounds of interest. Here are the reasons why you should first engage in flirting conversations before actual meeting.

Determine if they are fake or not

As much as it is a painful fact, it is the truth. You might be chatting with someone who claims to be someone they are not. Having more time to flirt will give you time to study the person and determine if they are genuine or not. If someone told you that they live in California then they mention about going home from work to St Luis, this should raise a red flag to you that the person might be fake. The flirting period can help unmask pretenders and you can avoid possible disappointments, shows

Getting to know each other

Flirting enables you to get to learn each other, know if you have common interests and actually bond before the actual date. You can’t know one’s character by talking with them for one day, for this reason, it is important to allow yourself more time to flirt and get to know each other’s character and personality and this will help judge if they are the partner you would like for a hook up or a partner you would wish to establish a long-term relationship with in Canada.


Flirting is fun. Especially if both parties don’t mind sending each other naughty picture and don’t mind a naughty chat. It is arousing to flirt with someone, more so, in this case, someone you just met online and try and figure out how they would be in bed for a casual encounter in CA. This will help set the mood for the actual date.


If you have good flirting skills, you are easily likable and can easily win over your partner. Allowing yourself time to flirt will allow time to get attracted to each other and when the time for an actual date finally comes, you two shall be so much into each other.


Just as flirting is important in real life, so it is the case in online dating. Its importance is illustrated in the above four aspects and you should actually consider giving more time to flirt before arranging a real date.